A Reminder

Think through your stand design

  • Lighting plays a big role. Make sure to add lighting to all your important showcases and display stands
  • Do not put long counters between your sales personnel and customers
  • Make sure that all logos and letters are visible
  • Water machine and trash bin are very often forgotten but they are very important
  • Make sure to have enough seats
  • We advise you to use various options for making your stand visible such as banners, flags, signs, balloons and screens

Excellent sales personnel

The outcome of participating in the fair is significantly better when you bring your best and most active sales people to the stand. When choosing employees make sure that there are Estonian, Russian and English-speaking people among them. Arrange a special training a few weeks before the fair where you can work through all the details regarding the products and services that you want to introduce to the visitors.

Promotional material and products

Make sure to order business cards, flyers, product catalogues and special offer leaflets ahead of time. We also advise you to consider taking use of additional advertising space both inside and outside of the fair centre halls.

Draw attention to yourself

Do not make retail sale your only goal. Instead, considering your target group, put focus on active communication and spreading information. Product and procedure presentations, spreading ideas and inspiration, makeovers, express beauty procedures, exclusive sales etc. are all very welcome and make your stand more interesting and attractive and will definitely keep the buzz going in your stand.

Famous faces as messengers

Include well-known people in your stand activities – let them share information, try out products/ procedures, carry out campaigns. If possible, choose people who are important to your target group – opinion leaders, faces known from media. That way you can bring more attention to your product, procedure, salon, clothes or accessories collection and in addition to that, famous people attract photographers and journalists who are visiting the fair.

Spread the word beforehand

  • It is important to let people know you are participating in the fair. For starters, send out a newsletter for your existing client base
  • Giving out invitations is a nice gesture for your existing customer. We recommend that you start sharing invitations from early on
  • Spreading the word on social media is becoming more powerful every day because people spend a lot of time there and tend to be more receptive to new information
  • Put up a notification on your office, salon, clinique or shop door
  • Add a notification on your website regarding your participation, stand position, special offers


Invitations grant a free of charge one-time pass for one person. When making lists for invitations, start from your existing clientele and business partners. They are the first and most important target groups who will be visiting your stand. When giving out invitations, we suggest you do it in pairs and include all relevant information regarding the special offers they will receive in your stand.

We give out invitations in relation to the size of the stand but you can always ask for more. We are always happy to support your campaigns and giveaways by giving out extra invitations.

Payment terminal

There are no ATM-s in the fair centre anymore, therefore we strongly advise you to order/rent a payment terminal in advance.

Plan your transport

All larger furniture pieces and product boxes should be delivered to the fair centre on the exposition layout day (see fair participation rules). Please inform your freight handlers of the freight gates C2, C5 and D1 and make sure that someone from your company is able to accept the goods. It is forbidden to leave things unattended and please also bear in mind that we do not have the right to accept things on your behalf.

All products must be delivered before the fair official opening time!

When the fair is over, the same freight gates are to be used until 9 PM. We kindly ask you to follow the instructions of the security team by the gates. NB! It is forbidden to park in front of the gate and to remove things from your stand before the end of the fair.

Interviews with the hosts

The perfect way to attract attention to your stand. The hosts will go through every stand and give the visitors an overview of the newest products, procedures and special offers. We advise you to pick someone from your team and decide on what they will talk about beforehand. The hosts this time will be Iris Tomson & Martin Haljaste.

You can schedule an interview in the mornings of all three exhibition days in the info booth in hall C.

We hope that your preparations for the fair are going smoothly and we are happy to help you with whatever you need. If you have any questions or proposals send an e-mail to katrin@fair.ee.

Hopefully Your preparation period is going well. We are always ready to help you with advice and strength. If you have any questions or suggestions, please send an e-mail to katrin@fair.ee.