Spring Fair

From 2015, Beauty Word takes place twice a year – in spring and in autumn.

The focus of the spring fair lies on beauty procedures which are more befitting the spring/summer season and products that are related to health and wellness.

The health and wellness theme of the spring fair has been growing by each year. Natural and local handmade cosmetics, health foods, food supplements, pharmaceutical cosmetics, mental health and wellbeing, active lifestyles and everything related will from now on belong to the spring fair only.

Our aim is to offer a large selection of alternatives for everyday beauty procedures and a range of ideas and supplies in preparation for spring/summer. A variety of skin procedures, the perfect body form, natural alternatives and formal hair and makeup ideas are the four main themes of Beauty Word Spring.

Beauty Word Spring presents a great deal of ideas and inspiration and introduces the hottest trends.

The client of the spring fair is the end consumer who is looking for seasonal products and easy home alternatives instead of traditional beauty procedures.

In case you are not entirely sure which of the two beauty fairs is more suitable for your firm, please do not hesitate to contact us on the e-mail below so that we can help you make the call based on your marketing goals and target consumers.

Project manager: Katrin Pihela katrin@fair.ee