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4Room Interior introduces CROISSANT, the new family of luminaires from 4Room, a domestic lighting design and manufacturing company

the ARTY limited series and the new member of the Croissant family: the Croissant floor luminaire. Cozy and distinctive floor lamps by top Danish designer Tom Rossau( will be on show.

Radis(, an Estonian manufacturer of birch plywood furniture, will be premiering several products at Eesti Ehitab.

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At the fair, 4ROOM will present the new SAXO floor luminaire with small table.

At the fair, 4ROOM will present SAXO, a new range of floor luminaires with a small table.

The name Saxo comes from the saxophone that inspired it.

SAXO is a two-in-one mood and reading light with a modern yet playful touch.

Suitable for living room sofas, armchairs and bedrooms.

The metal base and table give SAXO durability, while the directional fabric dome adds functionality.

New colours: sienna, honey yellow, matte gold, dark bronze.

Designer/Producer: Tarmo Luisk/ 4Room

Photographer: Atko Januson


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