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"Your health is our motivation" - this is the principle that the German company Orthomol GmbH has followed for more than 25 years in developing and marketing various nutrient complexes. Orthomol's products are based on the principles of orthomolecular medicine, containing balanced doses of vitamins, trace elements and minerals. The products also contain essential fatty acids, amino acids, phytamines, pre- and probiotics. Orthomol products are already available in more than 30 countries worldwide. 

The nutrient complexes are designed for use in a variety of life situations. Whether you are playing sports, working in a responsible profession, expecting a child, studying or have become a grandfather, Orthomol has a product for every situation. 

"Be healthy. Stay healthy. Stay fit. With the best possible support. We're with you, whatever happens in your life." - Orthomol. 

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